Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brewing Water Calculator: MpH Water Calculator v2.0

So I have finally gotten around to updating my brewing water calculator; the current incarnation is MpH Water Calculator v2.0.  You may notice an increase in the number of sheets within the Excel workbook.  The goal of this increase is to make the calculator simpler to use.  Hopefully I've succeeded.  An instruction sheet leads things off.  You will likely find it helpful to refer to these instructions when first beginning to use the calculator.  Perhaps the biggest change is the water profiles sheet, which should be helpful as you design your water.  I've also added a sheet with BJCP style info, just for reference purposes.

As usual, feedback is welcome.  Cheers and Happy Brewing!

EDIT:  Here is a link to an .xls version for those using older versions of Excel:  MpH Water Calculator v2.0.xls.